Negative Information

How To Remove Negative Information From The Internet [GUIDE 2022]

You will learn how to remove negative information from the Internet and protect your privacy from outdated and harmful content.

How to remove negative information from the Internet ?

Have you googled your name or the name of your business and found a negative article, comment or review ?

Frequently, the fingerprint is affected by defamatory content related to your past that jeopardizes your online reputation . 

Appearing with negative information on the first pages of Google can greatly damage your personal reputation or business reputation.

Why ? Finding a negative review causes people to distrust a product or service.

60% of users on the web consider negative comments before making a purchase or accessing a service.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect your reputation from online defamation .

Deleting negative internet data that can tarnish your name is arguably the most important step .

To achieve this, there are different options, let’s start.

How do I remove negative information from Google searches?

If your name or your company’s name has negative results on Google and you don’t know what plan to follow, we offer the most effective one: delete them :

  • Removal of sites you own: In this case, most of the websites are social networks.

Negative comments or reviews can appear on the first pages of Google , so you have two options: 

Answer in a professional manner or, if the question is more serious, delete them altogether.

Keep in mind that some websites may retain these reviews even if you delete your profile.

  • Deletion of sites that you do not own: This is very difficult to achieve, as advanced marketing and legal skills are required.

We recommend that you adopt different strategies: 

  1. Contact the page owner:
    Directly request removal of the content , explain your reasons; they may reconsider your removal request .
  2. Contact Google:
    You can therefore ask Google to remove infringing information, videos and photos.
  3. Take legal action:
    As we mentioned earlier, you can defend yourself against online defamation , by exercising the Right to be Forgotten .

    The GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation) protects the personal data of individuals.
  4. Improve SEO SEO:
    There are countless marketing strategies to position your website.

    It can be said that effective SEO management allows you to “bury” unwanted data . 

How do I delete a negative comment on Facebook?

Opinions, opinions, and anything else related to a person’s point of view have a major impact on your reputation . 

There are two kinds of negative comments on Facebook: 

  • Customer complaints or claims;
  • Defamatory Content .

If you receive a complaint from a customer, we recommend that you respond to feedback in a professional manner.

If, on the other hand, they are malicious comments likely to violate your right to the protection of your honor,  delete them immediately. 


Path to follow: 

  • Identify the comment;
  • Click on the three dots and choose the most appropriate option for you or your business. 

The ability to do this will depend only on you and what you want to achieve.


Delete comments on TikTok

Many people have been cyberbullied in this social network, negative comments are becoming more evident.

Tik Tok on its User Guide page explains different ways to delete comments.

We quickly explain how to delete more than one comment:

To do this, you must:

  • Look for the video with the negative comment;
  • Tap and hold the comment for two seconds;
  • Choose the comments to delete.

Delete comments on Instagram

You can delete your comments and those of other people.

On its official support page , it gives you information on how to delete multiple comments at once.

In this case, we explain how to delete a comment someone else wrote on your post:

  • Look for negative content;
  • Swipe left;
  • You will see three options: the first to “correct” the comment, the second with a question mark to report, restrict and block, and the third to delete.

Delete comments on YouTube

Google on its YouTube help page tells us how to view, organize and delete comments.

In this case, we share how to delete a comment that others have made on your channel:

  • To connect go to the top right;
  • Find the comment you want to delete;
  • Click on the three dots and choose the option you want.

How to Remove Negative Content from a Digital Journal

If a media outlet has published negative information about you, we advise you to contact them.

Another option is to contact the website manager to request the removal of said information.

For this, Google offers us two options:

  • Contact link: usually appears on the main page of the website;
  • WHOIS protocol: go to the Google search engine and type: whois

Delete reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor

There are countless forums where you may come across negative opinions and want to delete them.

This platform can edit or delete a review .

If you want to remove the review someone made about your product or service, be aware that TriAdvisor requires a removal request:

  • Enter your owner username and locate the comment;
  • Click on the flag;
  • You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the complaint;
  • You send the corresponding receipts for disposal;
  • Take a screenshot with the comment and explain the reasons for your request.

Delete comments on Twitter

In this social network, the way to delete a tweet depends on the publication.

If it’s a comment from someone else on your profile:

  • Locate the comment to delete;
  • Click on the down arrow to display the menu and finally choose “hide the answer”;

Delete information and content on Telegram

Many have been affected by the negative information exchanged by Telegram.

We show you how to delete photos, videos and messages:

  • Enter the app;
  • Click on settings then on “data and storage”, “storage usage” and finally “clear Telegram cache”.
  • In this way, messages, images, etc. will be deleted.

How to Remove Negative Internet Information from Google Search Console

There are different procedures to remove unwanted content, it all depends on the platform used.

In the case of deletion of content from Google Search , you may have a specific procedure. 

Google is the most used search engine in the world. Therefore, waiting times for removal procedure are quite long and without guarantee of success. 

For this reason, we recommend that you contact professionals who can guarantee quick results.

To delete a URL, the search engine offers a simple approach: 

  • Go to your Google Search Console account and choose to work with the domain or the URL;
  • On the left side, you will see the “Delete URL” option;
  • Then click on “Clear cached URL”;
  • Choose “New request”. 

Deleting a critical article is not an easy process; on the contrary, it can be long and success is not guaranteed.

The best option is undoubtedly to contact specialists.