Remove Negative Content

How To Remove Negative Content From Internet and Google

Removing negative content from the internet and the web, or being able to delete a piece of news, in particular from the Google search engine, today represents a very much felt need by individuals, small professionals and companies.

Often in fact, due to negative comments sometimes maliciously inserted by users of the network, one risks seeing one’s personal image or business permanently penalized, with imaginable consequent damages.

Deleting and removing defamatory or Remove Negative Content articles from the internet  is a delicate operation, which involves several elements: the law, the rules on the web, the negotiating skills and SEO specialists.

What are the best strategies to obtain the removal or at least the de-indexing of articles from the internet and from Google? How can we erase Remove Negative Content news about us from Google and the Internet?

Remove articles and news from the internet from the source

The simplest thing is, in theory, the  removal, deletion and de-indexing of defamatory  and negative articles directly from the source that published it .

In this case it is important to go back to the author. In the case of an online newspaper or a structured platform, it is necessary to contact the editorial staff and follow the complex editorial system to identify the author of the piece, the editor in chief or whoever in general has the power to decide its removal.

In other cases, such as in a blog run by a private individual, the situation could be more complex. If the author has not clearly indicated his contacts, it is possible to consult the Whois records to try to trace the name and references of the owner.

However, identifying the author or the person responsible for a defamatory or remove negative content article is only the first step in   removing defamatory articles from the internet.

It is necessary to be able to manage communications and a real negotiation with the author of the content, to understand how to get to the voluntary Remove Negative Content, cancellation or de-indexing of the content.

How to remove defamatory articles and negative news from the internet by appealing to the right to privacy

To obtain the  removal of articles from the internet  it is currently possible to appeal to three major regulatory elements.

The first is the right to  privacy . The  confidentiality  of personal data, of your information, and the right to see protected everything that concerns us is guaranteed by the regulations of each country.

However, this is counterbalanced by the right to report, which allows, if the public utility is recognized, to divulge information, tell a fact and spread the facts about individuals and companies Remove Negative Content .

For this reason, it is necessary to know the  legislation very well , in order to correctly assert one’s right to privacy and obtain, without entering into open conflict with the author , the removal of the article from the internet and the web and the cancellation of negative news.

How to remove defamatory negative news articles from the internet invoking the right to be forgotten

A second great help to  remove articles from the internet and get rid of negative news  about us is that of the  right to be forgotten.

Until a few years ago it was only a nebulous theoretical right, but the recent update of the laws has made it a really useful tool for obtaining the removal of articles from the internet.

The right to be forgotten recognizes the  right to be forgotten”  after a certain period of time. This with a view to updating one’s personal situation and the possibility of being rehabilitated in the eyes of society.

The right to oblivion has a variable timing. In the case, for example, of a trial against us that ended with an acquittal, or a marginal involvement, it is possible to immediately obtain the removal of the articles from the internet and the cancellation of the news, or at  the latest within two years.

In case of conviction, the right to oblivion is instead recognized normally after  5 years, 10 years  in very serious cases.

Also in this case, a minimum knowledge of the legislation and of the methods with which to manage communications with the source is essential.

A request that is too general and poorly detailed may not be effective, while an excessively ” aggressive” request could result in a legal dispute that slows down and postpones the removal of the article from the internet by the source.

How to remove defamatory negative news articles from the internet on the basis of copyright

A third element to consider is  copyright . Very often, different platforms publish content without the specific desire to steal the work of third parties, but only for a general superficiality.

In other cases, however, the platforms adopt tricks such as lowering the quality of the content of images or videos, or reporting only a part of the text (an old rule says less than 20%) defending their legality.

In this case we venture into the theme of copyright which is decidedly complex: in general, you need to know the terms and ways in which a material can be reused, especially when your material is not covered by a copyright or a patent. specific.

How to remove defamatory negative news articles from the internet with the Google link

Another great tool to get the  removal of articles from the internet and especially from Google  is to use the tool for deleting and removing articles from the search engine.

This is an option made available by Google itself and which can be very useful for achieving the goal of removing or deleting articles from the web. Let’s see how to use it:

Enter your personal data

The form starts from a  form to be filled  in with your precise personal data. In this case it is important to enter the information that exactly coincides with your documentation and identity card.

Specify on behalf of whom the removal of the items is requested

It is also essential to specify on behalf of who you are requesting the removal of articles from Google. If you do it for a friend, a relative or a customer, there is the need to attach  specific documentation.

The goal is to demonstrate the title and qualification to request the removal of articles from Google and to accurately establish the type of relationship with the person concerned.

Specify which articles to remove from Google

A form follows that finally allows us to determine which articles we would like to remove from Google. The structure is as follows:

(1) the type of correlation between the personal information identified above and the person on whose behalf this request is made; and

(2) why you believe such personal information should be removed

Correct formatting, therefore, can be:

 “(1) This page concerns me because a, b and c. (2) This page should be removed because x, y and z ”.

It is possible to request the removal of a large number of links and articles Remove Negative Content , as long as the precise reason is specified for each of these.

Finally, the form contains a series of sworn declarations to be completed and to which to give the ok . These are confirmations that have a legal value that will be related to your IP address and the identification data released, which is why they must be carried out Remove Negative Content with absolute precision.

Google provides a response within 30 to 90 days.

An important element Remove Negative Content is to provide precise information on your question: it is necessary to accompany the request for removal of articles from Google by very specific and above all valid regulations and reasons.

In fact, in case of denial, Google theoretically allows you to make a new question, but subsequent requests will hardly be successful, precisely because an initial evaluation has already been granted.

Removing, de-indexing and shrinking negative internet articles Remove Negative Content 

What can be gained from a series of  removal and deletion procedures on the web?

The most important objective is that of the effective  removal , that is the  cancellation  of the article or articles from the internet Remove Negative Content . In this case the resource is no longer reachable and disappears completely.

In reality it is possible that in the search engine results page there remains a ” memory” of the content: it is the memory, the cache, which is physiologically eliminated within a few weeks.

On the other hand, the  de- indexing  of the article from the internet is different. In this case the content, the article or the post, technically remains online. By typing the corresponding URL you actually get to read the content.

However, the author of the text adds a small instruction, a small code to the web page, which suggests to Google not to index and not to show the  Remove Negative Content text on the results page, which amounts to a major cleanup of your name.

At this point, the only effective way to trace the content is to already  Remove Negative Content know it and search for the specific URL of the news.

A third possible result is to obtain, especially from online editors, the  transformation of one’s data,  especially the name and surname, in the corresponding episode. MR instead of Mario Rossi.

This is a palliative solution, but which in general leads Google to lower the content on the results page and constitutes a first form of ” containment” of the damage, if the  removal or de-indexing of the online article is not achieved.